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Cocalico’s Hurdle Crew Gem

            Andrew Troutman has been an important part of Cocalico’s Hurdle crew for 4 years.  This year, however, he is more than just a member of the crew.  He is the captain of a crew that is ranked 2nd in the nation according to the latest national rankings.  Andrew’s enthusiasm on Cocalico’s Hurdle Crew B has been an inspiration to his teammates and coaching staff.  Cocalico Hurdle crew coach Lyndon Engle has stated “Andrew Troutman is the best individual we have had on the hurdle crew in the 12 years that I have been coaching.”  Engle says that even though Cocalico has won 3 national championships in that 12 year period they have never had anyone more valuable than Andrew. 

            When asked about Andrew being recognized as one of the best hurdle crew performers in the nation, Engle replied “there might be better hurdle crew people out there, I just have not seen them yet.”  Cocalico’s team is currently ranked 2nd in the nation behind Florida’s Dade County Central High School.  When asked about the rankings Engle calmly said “the matter what the rankings say, I know we have a great team at Cocalico, and Andrew is a big reason why we are so successful.” 




1)      Dade County Central HS (FL)

2)      Largo HS (MD)

3)      South Lake Carroll HS (TX)

4)      Fayetteville County HS (NC)

5)      Brunswick HS (GA)

6)      Robert E. Lee HS (AL)

7)      Cocalico HS (PA)

8)      Bentonville HS (AR)

9)      Marion HS (IN)

10)  East St. Louis HS (IL)